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Our Focus

“Our focus is your business success”
Simpson Law Offices is focused on helping you establish, grow and profit from your business. Our founder, Randy Simpson, has over 20 years or experience counseling, managing and owning businesses.

We believe businesses are most successful when they are managed proactively rather than on a “crisis-by-crisis” basis. Unfortunately, many businesses wait to involve legal counsel until the crisis becomes critical.

At Simpson Law Offices, we work with you to implement policies and procedures that will reduce the risk of business crises and reduce your costs of doing business.

If you are starting a new business, it is vital that you reduce the risk to your new business and to you personally. Your business structure must allow you to achieve your personal goals while addressing a multitude of issues that arise in business - taxes, government filings, customer disputes, supplier problems, employees and more.

If your business is already established, Simpson Law Offices can provide sound advice and guidance to help you avoid legal problems and take advantage of business opportunities. We serve as general counsel to businesses and perform ongoing legal audit activities to minimize legal risk, avoid business litigation and protect you from personal liability.

Our Mission
We will proactively assist businesses and business owners to identify risks and establish plans to manage them. By understanding our clients’ businesses, we can provide business and legal solutions that will allow our client’s to achieve their goals.