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Proprietary Rights Protection

What sets our business apart? How do prospective customers choose your business? Do you have a distinct brand or a unique product? Successful businesses establish market presence through their brand and/or their product or service. As you build you business, you need to protect it.

Creating and Maximizing Intellectual Property Rights
When you start a new business, you are creating intellectual property rights. Your new business will introduce something new to the marketplace, improve on something that already exists or do it better than the other businesses. This “new” element is your intellectual property. It is what will set you apart.

You new business will also have a name and you customers will begin to recognize your brand. You need to take steps to protect and maximize your intellectual property before someone else takes advantage of your hard work. We can help you understand what you need to protect, how to protect it and how to take advantage of it.

Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Names and Trade Secrets
Success in the business world depends largely on the message you convey and the image you project. You may have an excellent product or service to offer, but if people can't pick you out easily in the crowd, you'll probably be overlooked in favour of a firm with a stronger presence. Copyrights, trademarks, trade names and trade secrets should all be important parts of your intellectual property strategy.

Does your business rely on a process, a production method or a formula developed by a business partner, an employee or a third party? If so, you should ensure that your business is protected with a comprehensive licensing agreement to protect your business.

Have you developed a process, software or a trade secret that you would like to share with another business? You should consider a licensing agreement to protect your invention and prevent others from using it or publishing it without your approval.

We can assist you in your decision and help you prepare a licensing agreement that will protect the rights of both parties, proactively addressing the risks associated with sharing your intellectual property.

Protecting Proprietary Information
As you build your business, you will develop business processes and systems that make your business a success. These processes and systems may be peculiar to your business. They may be your “winning edge”. Protecting trade secrets, confidential information and business processes requires forethought. It is too late once your proprietary information has been published to a competitor.

Simpson Law Offices can help you define your proprietary information, educate your staff and develop a non-disclosure agreement, either as part of an employment agreement or as a standalone agreement.